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Target is America’s one of the most popular mass market retail corporation. The company headquarters are based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S. The company caters to need of every household in US as it offers a whole range of products starting from essentials to luxury. You may visit Target Corporation Retail Stores if you need health products, furnishings, apparel, appliances, accessories, pet supplies and even play items for your kids.

The company has about 1880 retail stores and 42 Distribution centers and is counted as the eighth largest retail merchandise in US. Currently, company is selling its products under these brand names- Target Express, Target Greatland, Target, City Target and Super Target. The company is under execution of CEO Brian Cornell and is listed at New York Stock Exchange with ticker symbol TGT. Coming sections of article holds Target Corporation Headquarters contact details, CEO email, IR and Media services Contacts and more. So, lets explore!

Target Inc. Headquarters
Target Inc. Headquarters, Photo Credit: Mike Kalasnik

Target Headquarters Contact Information

Target Corporation has more than 1800 stores in about 50 states of US and District of Columbia. The company headquarters are located in Minneapolis and also has 20 more global office locations all over United States. The detailed headquarters address of company is listed here, please note down the Target Headquarters Address: 1000 Nicollet Mall TPS-3165 Minneapolis, MN 55403, United States. You can use the headquarters address for all important communication or visit.

If you have a concern that needs prompt response from headquarters official, you may call them on their Corporate Phone Number: 1-612-304-6073

Target CEO Email Address

Target Corporation was founded in the year 1902 and is currently headed by CEO Mr Brian Cornell. You may contact company’s CEO for important concerns or major issues that needs prompt action by higher level authorities. To contactTarget CEO, you may write him an email at:

Target Inc. Customer Care Contact Information

If you are having any queries regarding shopping, then you can go to this website

To get the details regarding the guest services, then you can make a direct call at 1.800.440.0680 or you can visit this website

You can email your questions regarding the corporate responsibilities at If you want to make your career at Target Inc., then you can get the details from this number 1.800.440.0680.

To know about GiftCard, Red Card and Debit Card, then you can contact at 1.800.544.2943 (GiftCard), 1.800.424.6888 (Red Card), 1.888.729.7331 (Debit Card), 1-612-815-9922 (Mastercard (outside the U.S.)).

You can write an email to Target Inc. at To get Order Experience information, here you can make a call at 1-800-591-3869. For relay service, please dial 711.

The information on Registries & List are available at 1-800-888-9333. Let us get the details on Store Experience by contacting at 1-800-440-0680.

If you want to know about Returns, Replacements & Exchanges, then please use this contact number. The number is 1-800-591-3869 (Online Purchases), 1-800-440-0680 (Store Purchases).

The information on Pharmacy & Clinic are available on 1-800-SHOPCVS (CVS Pharmacy), 1-866-389-2727 (Minute Clinic). You can check about Product Safely & Quality by making a call at 1-800-910-6874 (General Merchandise), 1-800-316-6151 (Grocery).

You can do the Payment at Target Inc. by mailing at Target Card Services, P.O. Box 660170, Dallas, TX 75266-0170. You can get Corporate Information, by dialing at 612-304-6073. The information regarding Accessibilities are available on 1-800-591-3869.

Target Media Relations Contacts

Journalists, members of press or other media people can contact Target’s Media Relations department for their queries, news or updates. To contact Target Media Relations team, please dial 1.612.696.3400.

You can also write them at their Email Address, don’t forget  to mention your name, organization,  contact information and a brief subject of your inquiry. Write to Target Media Relations at Email:

Target IR Contacts

Existing investors having difficulty regarding their investments or requiring assistance regarding their account or more can contact Target IR team on phone and email. If you are an investor or shareholder of company, please feel free to call Target IR Team at 1.800.775.3110 or share your concern on email addressing to Target IR team at:

Social Media Presence

Target Corporation has huge media presence on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and more. You can visit their official social media pages to get live updates about company’s product range or post your feedback. You may also visit their verified Social Media pages through these verified Social Media Official Links: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube.

Source: Target Inc.

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