What Is The Mailing Address For American Home Shield?

What Is The Mailing Address For American Home Shield?

The mailing address is, 889 Ridge Lake Boulevard, Memphis, TN 38120, United States.

Is American Home Shield trustworthy?

American Home Shield is a reputable home warranty company that has been accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since 1997 and currently holds a B rating. With 1,600 employees, it’s one of the largest home warranty companies in the industry.A

How do you escalate a problem with American Home Shield?

To file an AHS complaint with the BBB, you can fill out the online form or contact their customer service department by phone at (844)477-1099. If you request an AHS claim with the BBB, a complaint will be filed on your behalf. The agency will then notify AHS about the issue and send them a copy of this information.

How do I cancel my American Home Shield Warranty?

How do I cancel my contract? To cancel your contract, please call 855.402. 5125 and a customer representative will assist you. Please note, if you are moving, you can transfer the remainder of your plan to the new buyer and set up coverage for your new home.

What is the difference between American Home Shield and American Home Warranty?

American Home Shield and AHW Home Warranty both offer home warranty plans that include comprehensive coverage for a variety of home systems and appliances. American Home Shield has more experience in the industry and serves more customers, but AHW offers more optional add-ons.A

Is ahs a reputable company?

Overview. AHS American Home Shield has a consumer rating of 1.28 stars from 447 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. AHS American Home Shield ranks 75th among Home Insurance sites.

What is the difference between a home warranty and homeowners insurance?

Home warranties cover your home’s internal components — such as systems and home appliances — in the event of damage from everyday wear and tear; home insurance covers damage to your personal property and the structural integrity of your home caused by major events including natural disasters, burglary and vandalism.

How to speak with a manager at American Home Shield?

– Call their cancellation line at (800) 858-1922. – Call the corporate office at (901) 701-5000. – Reach out through social media.

How much does American residential warranty cost?

How much does an American Residential Warranty policy cost? ARW home warranties start as low as $34.99 with the Kitchen Plus plan. Of course, you can purchase more comprehensive policies, like the Platinum Premier or 4-in-1 Bundle or choose additional coverage with add-ons for a higher monthly cost.A

Who is the CEO of American Home Shield Warranty?

Rex Tibbens

What is the deductible for American Residential warranty?

The deductible is $75, which is the average industry price. As for the coverage limits, ARW offers $500 to $2,500, which is even higher than the limits offered by some industry giants such as Select Home Warranty with limits up to $2,000, or Choice Home Warranty at $1,500.

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