CHS Headquarters Address, CEO Email, Email Format and More

CHS Inc. is a popular global agribusiness company. CHS Inc. headquarters is located in Minnesota, United States. Mr. Jay Debertin is currently handling the position of company’s CEO. CHS Inc. is a publicly traded company and is owned by farmers, ranchers, agricultural cooperatives and its preferred stock holders. If you are interested in company’s stocks, you can refer its stocks listed with NASDAQ with stock name CHSCP.

CHS is listed in first position in the list of National Cooperative Bank Co-op 100 list of mutuals and cooperatives. The company is also listed at Fortune 500 list of largest corporations in United States in the year 2017 on the basis of revenue. Furthermore in this article, you can find CHS Headquarters Address, Phone Number, HR contacts, CEO email and more.

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CHS Headquarters Address and Phone Number

CHS Headquarters is established in Minnesota. Here we have listed the complete contact info of CHS. Contact CHS Headquarters Officers at their Corporate Office Address: 5500 Cenex Drive, Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota 55077, USA. Feel free to share your suggestion or concerns at the given address.

To get in touch with CHS Headquarters Official on phone, please dial at the CHS Corporate Phone Number: 651.355.6000 / 800.328.6539.

HR Email Address / Careers Contact

If you are looking for job opportunities or careers in CHS Inc., you can contact CHS Inc. HR team at their Email Address: You can also speak to HR team on phone, please note down the HR Phone Number: 320.219.0270.

CEO Email Address

To share your concern or opinion with CEO of the company or forward matters which are not resolved at the customer support level, you can try forwarding at the given email address:

CHS Inc. IT Services

To get in touch with CHS Inc. IT Services for service regarding enquiries or concerns, please write an email at: You may also get in touch with CHS Inc. IT Services on Phone, please take a note of their phone number: 651.355.5555 / 1.800.852.8185.

Email Format

Here in this section, we have listed the 3 email formats used by Company. You can find the formats here and the percentage of their usage.

  • Format: first ‘.’ last, Example:, Percentage usage:  96.9%
  • Format: first last, Example:, Percentage usage:  2.1%
  • Format: first, Example:, Percentage usage:  1.0%


Let’s take a look at the numbers quickly, so,  CHS Revenue recorded for the year 2020 is US$28.406 billion. The total Net Income generated by the company for the similar year is US$ 422.4 million.

CHS Customer Care Contact Information

If you are in need of any kind of help regarding the CHS, then here we have the helpline number for you. The number is 651-355-5555 or 1-800-852-8185. You can dial at the given number and get all the required information.

CHS Investor Relations and Media Phone Number

Investor Relations and Media Relations contact information are not available with us right now. If you are looking for it, then please stay connected with us. As soon as we will provide you at this correct place.

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